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Farmhouse Dining Collection

Farmhouse Collection


Our Farmhouse Dining Collection is where shabby-chic style meets exceptional craftsmanship. This entire set comes together to provide a classic farmhouse look with many elegant details.


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About the Farmhouse Collection

The centerpiece of the Farmhouse Dining collection is the classic farmhouse table, featuring a solid-top made of rough sawn oak barnwood with Mission round over edges and hand-worn corners. It is available 42”, 60”, 72”, 84”, or 96” lengths with a width of 42”. Select the extendable top, which can store two leaves, which will provide plenty of seating for a true farm-style meal.


The ample seating options include matching arm and side chairs as well as a bench that comes in lengths ranging from 45” to 93”. Opt for the extend-a-bench, and adjust the length depending on how many people you plan to have at your gathering.


Blend your dining space with your kitchen decor by selecting our Farmhouse kitchen island available in lengths of 48” or 60”. This island is the perfect solution for storing kitchen essentials while providing an extra work surface for all of your cooking and baking needs.


If you want to bring a touch of the farm to your home or simply enjoy a nostalgic look, the Farmhouse Dining Collection delivers.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Farmhouse Dining

This article will give you the top 10 reasons on why you should consider buying a farmhouse dining set for your home.

1.) Timeless Style - Farmhouse dining tables offer a classic, timeless look that can complement any decor style, from rustic to modern. The farmhouse style is timeless because it's based on simplicity and practicality dating back to the early 1600s.


2.) Durability - These tables are crafted from high-quality, solid reclaimed wood, ensuring they can withstand daily use and abuse. Reclaimed Barnwood Oak is extremely dense and hard because as wood ages it becomes increasingly harder on the hardness scale. Reclaimed wood is 40 points harder on the hardness scale than newer wood because it comes from trees that were grown a long time ago. Also, the already rustic features of the nail and knot holes, saw marks, and wormholes throughout the table give you peace of mind when your kids are pounding and scratching away at the table. It blends right in and adds to the rustic character and appeal of the table.


3.) Versatility - Farmhouse tables can be used in various home styles and settings. Regardless, if you have a formal dining room or more of a casual dining room, the farmhouse style will bode well with both of these looks.


4.) Handcrafted Quality - The Urban Barnwood Farmhouse Dining tables are made in Sugarcreek, Ohio by skilled Amish woodworkers. The Ohio Amish furniture builder is widely known as arguably the most highly skilled craftsman in the world. Each measurement, cut, and finish is executed with absolute precision. The sealant we use to protect the tables is a Catalyzed Conversion Varnish. We use a 10 Sheen to show off the natural beauty of our Barnwood tables.


5.) Customizability - At Urban Barnwood, you can customize any size, shape, wood species, and color that fits your specific home requirements. If you would rather have your dining set be counter height or 36" High that's not a problem. The same goes for bar height as well at 42" High. The nail and knot holes can billed as well with epoxy.


6.) Family Gatherings - The large and welcoming design of the Farmhouse Dining set has so much history. This gives the family sometimes a well-needed conversation piece to bring each other together. The Barnwood that Urban Barnwood uses dates back to the 1800s and derives from mainly white and red oak trees. That's a lot of history in between!


7.) Easy Maintenance - The wear and tear on this dining set will be hardly noticeable at all considering its rustic nature. The Farmhouse tables are easy to repair or refinish depending on the situation. This keeps your beautiful farmhouse dining set looking new for decades.


8.) Investment Value - The investment made into a farmhouse dining set may seem daunting at first. When you look at the cost-to-value ratio over an extended period of time, buying a cheap set from overseas is not the best option. How many times would you need to replace this "cheap dining set" in your lifetime? I would assume many times. In the end, it would cost you the same if not more money than buying an heirloom quality, timeless farmhouse dining set that will last generations.


9.) Eco-Friendly - Urban Barnwood aims to use reclaimed Barnwood that is sustainably sourced from oak barns in and around Ohio. Purchasing a farmhouse kitchen table from Urban Barnwood is an environmentally friendly choice for the environment and your home. Help save our trees and beautiful forests by purchasing reclaimed wood furniture.


10.) Aesthetic Appeal - With rustic charm and the many untold stories from each handpicked piece of Barnwood lumber, the farmhouse dining set makes a warm and inviting feel in any dining space. The natural beauty will add unique character to your space for many years to come.