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Grove Collection

Furniture Handmade in the USA

Named for a village in Oxfordshire, England, the Grove Dining Collection reflects the simple beginnings of this small village that began with Thomas Grove and a watermill, and that is now a growing and bustling town that has greatly increased in size. This collection definitely shows that stunning design and attention to detail does not have to be over-the-top to make a lasting impression.

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The showpiece of the collection is the gorgeous table that comes in a solid or extendable top, and it features a raised detail on the crossbar of the H-footed legs that perhaps gives a nod to the bolection molding of the Grove Farmhouse, dating back to 1684. Depending on how many guests you plan to gather around your table, you can choose from 60”, 72”, 84”, or 96” lengths in the solid top or you can opt for the extendable top which comes in lengths ranging from 54” to 72” and featuring different combinations of skirts and leaves. Both tops are made from rough sawn Barnwood oak and feature mission roundover edges with hand-worn corners.

The ladderback arm and side chairs are a natural choice to surround this table, with its humble beauty and pictured here in a clear stain. If you desire a slightly different look, a number of other stains and glazes are available. There are also some beautiful add-on pieces, like the Grove server, which provides the perfect storage solution for all of your dinner party necessities, and for extra seating, the Grove bench provides a simple solution and is available in 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, or 96” lengths.

The understated, simple beauty of the Grove Collection, with its small details that make it unique, is an excellent choice for any dining room that yearns for simplicity and elegance. This collection shows that you know a dining room is about the people that gather and the stories that are shared, and the furniture is meant to facilitate those things which are most dear.

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