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Croft Collection

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture

The table in the Croft collection measures 42” W x 72” L x 30” H with a 1 ⅝” solid top and features a mission roundover edge with hand-worn corners. The table, shown here with an onyx stain on the base and a clear stain on top, is made of 100% reclaimed rough sawn oak barnwood and a red oak base. The solid top is also available in lengths of 60”, 84”, and 96”, or you can purchase the extendable top, so no matter what size dinner party you are planning, you can count on having just the right space at your table.

The Croft collection features matching arm and side chairs that are, of course, the perfect pairing to the magnificent table. The arm chair measures 24” W x 22” D x41 ¾” H, and the side chair possesses the same depth and height but offers a slightly smaller footprint with a 19 ½” W.  Additional seating is available with the add-on matching bench which has legs that reflect the same lines as those of the table. The bench is available in a variety of lengths including 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” or 96”, so you can choose the optimal size for your needs.

After your meal, tuck away your linens and odds and ends in the beautiful, complementary server that is also an add-on to the Croft collection. If you’re ready to add a touch of fantasy to your home, this collection evokes the days of castles, knights, and the stories that they hold.

The Croft collection is one of a kind and holds both beauty and value all in one. Varying in table lengths, there is sure to be something to fit your family’s needs. The Croft furniture collection is a top seller here at Urban Barnwood Furniture.

In this Collection

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To value and preserve these special times, when barns and old homes are set to be demolished– we step in to salvage the beautiful hardwood,that still has life and many cherished old memories.  Our lumber is carefully cleaned, dried, and inspected to make sure that it’s only the very best, and that we’re embracing the old while improving the new in a green and environmentally friendly way.

Made of Rough Sawn Barnwood Oak, the showpiece of this collection is the beautiful dining table, standing at a solid 42” x 60”.  It stores two leaves, and is expandable to 12” wide. The tops are 1-⅝” ,and are stained clear with Mission roundover edges, with hand worn corners, giving it the look of furniture that has been well-used and well-loved.  The silhouette is very solid and square– so not only does this furniture appear as sturdy as it actually is, but it provides a sense of grounding. A home has four walls, a chair has four legs, these pieces represents the most basic human needs that need to be met in order for us to feel safe, warm, fed, and happy.  The wood grain is visible along with the natural striations in color, colors associated with warm oak and pine, and deep walnut, allowing it to match a variety of furniture and be able to fit a variety of decor themes. Our pieces are Amish made and produced in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and making furniture is not just a hobby for us, it’s a lifestyle.

This dining room set was crafted in order for you to enjoy meals with your entire clan, creating new family memories, or getting warm inside on a snowy evening while there’s a beautiful fire in the fireplace.  It’s beautiful wood grain would be gorgeous atop a hardwood floor, or a comfortable rug. The chairs are reminiscent of the rocking chairs your Grandmother had on her front porch as a child, and this isn’t the kind of furniture that people are afraid to touch or sit on.  There’s a H-footed bench so that everyone is welcome, as well as a buffet to store all of those extra settings and napkins. We have an “Almanzo Occaisionals” collection so you can add some extra benches of various sizes to expand your seating.

 There’s even a wine server available to serve your loved ones on your most special occasions to create your most prized memories around the hearth, after you all take turns washing and drying the dishes. There are endless variations available to make sure that you get the pieces you need for everyone who has a place at your table.

The Almanzo collection celebrates the early years of our country, the foundation of your basic strong values and your household, and the most important thing in your home– your family.

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We manufacture our reclaimed barn wood products in Sugarcreek, OH, and distribute it to retailers all across the country!