The Urban Barnwood Furniture story is a fascinating one. The young man, who today manages Urban Barnwood Furniture, grew up working in his dad’s metal roofing and log furniture business.

However, after he heard about Barnwood he was intrigued and fetched a few pieces to build a Coffee Table for his girlfriend. (He had no idea of the long term effects this one idea might have.) As the story continues, it was a touch of romance that launched the business.

A dealer of the log furniture saw the Barnwood Coffee Table and was immediately attracted to it. The first request was for a Barnwood table to be built. (What is today known as the Timber Ridge Barnwood Table.) The Barnwood furniture company was off to a roaring start. The rest—as you can expect—is Urban Barnwood Furniture history. Today, dealers and consumers love Barnwood.

This was a few years ago and the interest in Barnwood among our customers continues to grow.

Satisfy your longing for a touch of vintage, mixed with hip and NYC styles, you’ll discover it in authentic Urban Barnwood Furniture.

Today, three generations work together in the family business located in the beautiful Walnut Creek Valley. Grandpa (formerly a dairy farmer) and the manager’s dad (owner of Urban Barnwood) used to build log homes together, then they, along with several sons, transitioned into building furniture—of all places, in a renovated chicken barn.

Then, just a few years ago the grandson, began with a Barnwood Coffee Table. (He just got married a few years ago and the Barnwood Coffee Table—with a history—graces his new home’s living room. And, of course, his wife loves it.)

What is Barnwood?

According to Urban Barnwood Furniture

• 100% Reclaimed Solid Oak…
• That has been dry-kiln treated to exterminate all bugs,
insect eggs, and fungus.
• That was sourced from barns primarily in the Eastern US.

The Barnwood

It all started a century or two ago.

Trees were cut down manually – with axes. Then from the timbers the hefty beams and boards were cut. It was a similar process for all the buildings on the homestead: house, barns and sheds or outbuildings. Everything was hand cut and structured using the tried and true mortise and tenon system. Many of the buildings stood for a century or more. Today, with less farming and as these buildings continue to age some are restored close to their original state and others are disassembled piece by piece, so that as much as possible, the precious natural resource – the wood, can be reclaimed.

After the structure is disassembled, the lumber is hauled to the lumber handling yard where it undergoes a cleaning and drying process. All the lumber is run under a metal detector twice where the nails are marked and removed, then stacked for drying.

It is then kiln-dried to 7% moisture. Also the kiln-drying process is intended to exterminate all the bugs and insects as the lumber moves closer to being usable for handcrafted reclaimed Barnwood furniture. The Barnwood process is an excellent green way to preserve the old and vintage and give the precious natural resource – wood – a second life.